The Safe Way To Deal With Pests

We understand how important it is for homeowners to have peace of mind that, when they bring pest control experts into their home to deal with nuisances, their property will be safe and secure for long to come afterwards. That means they also want to be sure that the pest control treatments and solutions our experts use are safe. Some companies may use chemicals to destroy pests, some of which may indeed be harmful. You can be sure however that when you hire our company we will use only legal chemicals and treatment methods to keep pests at bay.

Our Safety Guarantee

Effective Pest ControlThe health and safety of our clients is of paramount importance to us, and that is why you can rest assured that our proven pest control methods contain no harmful chemicals that would cause any threat to your children or your pets. We even have a range of organic pest control treatments on offer, which you can find out more about when you get in touch to arrange an appointment.

Most of our treatments can be done speedily without the need for you to relocate off the site. For some treatments however it is possible that we may ask you to leave the premises, for example during a flea treatment. When you discuss your needs with our staff, they will be able to tell you how long the treatment will take and how long it will be before you can come back to your property safely.

Keeping Your Pets Safe

When our team of experts is busy getting to work on safeguarding your property, we ask kindly that you keep any pets you may have out of the way. This is to ensure our team can do their job, and of course to ensure your animals are not put at risk. When the treatment has been applied and dried completely, then it will be safe to bring them back in. If you have any open fish tanks or ponds inside or outside your home you must also cover those.

Natural Pest Control Brisbane Customers Can Rely On

With years of experience providing pest control solutions across Brisbane and beyond, our company has earned the trust of many customers who themselves have benefited from the knowledge and help of our fully trained professional team. Our staff members are experts in inspecting, treating and preventing infestation of general household pests and timber pests.

By using natural treatments we can guarantee the safety of your family and your home as we carry out treatments to protect your home. If you’d like to know more about the chemicals we use then you can always chat to one of our staff members in the office. They will give more information about the natural pest control solutions we can offer, and help you find the treatment that best meets your needs so that your property and livelihood can be safeguarded from menace pests. Get in touch with us today so that we can address any concerns you may have and make sure you are fully informed about what we can do and how we will do it.

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