Termite Baiting Systems

Termite Baiting SystemTermite baiting systems refers to the act of placing numerous ground stations in the perimeter of any residential property. The ground stations are constructed using a special type of timber which attracts termites. Immediately termites start acting up, a chemical solution is applied to the ground station. The solution passes from one termite to another (since they are social creatures) until the whole colony is completely eradicated. Before diving into this termite infestations treatment problem, here are some things you should understand.

Is It The Right Choice For Your Home?

Termite baiting systems are very effective but are not the perfect choices for all termite infestation problems. There are many termite control companies that vouch for baiting systems are sell them rigorously to their customers especially because the ground stations need to be monitored vigorously. Once, the ground station has been installed, you need to pay a monthly fee to the company for frequent monitoring and inspections. Certainly, the company will make a lot of profit but it might be too expensive for you. In our company, we recommend baiting systems to customers who can afford it or if that’s the only solution that can eradicate termites in the residence completely.

Types Of Baits Used

Depending on the type of the ground station installed in the property, the baiting system might either successfully eradicate termites or fail miserably. Rapid Pest Control invests inFull Termite System the best ground stations which allow our contractors to perform regular termite inspections without any disturbance to the termites. It’s important to employ extreme caution during the inspection because if the termites are disturbed, the treatment will be ineffective.

Positioning Of The Baits

Ground stations are not cheap. There are some companies that might take advantage of this fact and install a few ground stations in your compound which might not be effective. The guidelines demand installation of these ground stations in every 3 meters in the perimeters. We can guarantee the best termite baiting systems because we adhere to the guidelines to the letter.

Termite Baiting System Costs

If you want the best protection against termites, ensure that the baiting system is installed at the right intervals around the perimeter. A good functioning baiting system costs around $30-$80 each month (monitoring expenses) and an initial investment of about $1200 and a maximum of $1500.

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