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We are very efficient at dealing with rodents, whether they be raccoons, possums, mice or rats.  Of course we have all kinds of rodents in Austin, and we can handle them all.  Give us a call to set up inspection today: 0477593926 for rodent removal Brisbane.

Of all the rodent problems, mice and rates are the most common.

Rats and mice sit second and third on the list of the world’s most successful vertebrates, right after humans. These creatures are so adept at breeding that they have followed us anywhere we set up homes, and that includes out at sea. They are adaptable and smart, and they are listed as pests for a veritable host of reasons. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Rats and Mice

* They are creepy. It might not be the best reason in the world to kill something, but most humans are pretty creeped out by rats and mice; rats are much worse – even Indiana Jones couldn’t handle them.

* They’re noisy. Large populations of rats and mice make a lot of unnerving noises, particularly at night. They will keep you from sleep and this only adds to their general creepiness.

 * They are prolific breeders. The hose mouse and both kinds of rat species in North America breed very young, produce large litters, and have no bounds as far as mating seasons. Their populations can explode in a matter of months, and it can be very hard to get them back under control.

* Voracious eaters. Mice and rats eat constantly, and they will eat almost anything. Nothing outside of a canned good is safe where these creatures roam; you will find them in pantries, in cereal boxes, in dog food, in your bread, just about everywhere. Once a mouse or a rat gets into a food supply, it is no longer good for human consumption. Unfortunately, throwing it in the garbage only gives these rodents somewhere else to look for food.

* Their feces get everywhere. Mice and rats aren’t very particular about where they nest or where they crap. A house with a rodent problem is guaranteed to have pellets all over it, leading to general visual unpleasantness as well as to diseases.

* Diseases. On top of all that, both rats and mice are known carriers of a variety of diseases. Breathing in mouse feces is linked to hantavirus, a disease which can kill off even healthy people. Rats are even more notorious; they carry the plague (yes, it’s still out there), rabies, and leptospirosis. Rats are also pretty aggressive and will bite humans when they feel threatened.

* Hard to find when they die. A dead mouse or rat in your furnace or air ducts is a home owners’ nightmare. Just when you think that the smell is fading, it will seem to strengthen again. They can die anywhere, so this is a real concern.

* Other pests. Finally, rats and mice can also lead to infestations of other pests. This includes mites and lice as well as flies and other pests attracted by their leavings, and their carcasses.

Whether you are having problems with mice, rats or need some other type of rodent control or rodent removal in the Brisbane , give us a call at 0477593926

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