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PROFESSIONAL Flea & Tick Control

Fleas are a common problem for both homeowners who have pets and those who do not. These small bugs can wreak major havoc once they start to migrate from underneath the skin of your pet onto nearly everything in your house or apartment. For those without pets who cannot figure out how they got fleas in the first place, know that fleas can easily latch themselves onto your clothing when you are anywhere outdoors. Fleas can also inhabit a house well before you and your family have moved in.

There are several ways to detect fleas inside your home. A good way to tell is doing the “sock trick,” in which you walk around your home with white socks on. Fleas are attracted to whiter, so once you start to make your way throughout your home, especially on carpet, you may begin to see brown or black specks under the bottoms immediately. Another great way to check for fleas is attracting them with heat. By pouring a bowl of water and putting it underneath a lamp, you can observe and watch if there are any fleas that become attracted and wait to see them become visible in the water.

Once you have found evidence of fleas, you should have no problems finding a solution to getting rid of them in your home. All of our technician’s here at Expert Exterminating are specifically trained on how to deal with all types of flea problems. Fleas are not pests that are easy to get rid of, so it is essential that you hire a pest control company that is experienced in getting the job done right and fast the first time.


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